Kegel Weights

What are kegel weights?

Kegel Weights are a set of accessories that are used if any particular area of the vaginal muscles needs some extra strengthening. A majority of the Kegel weights are very small with the largest one being the size of a tampon. Most of the apparatus are detachable so that you can clean them properly. They are available in different sizes which can be used depending on how expert is the user. The user can start using the smallest one and gradually increase the size of the weights along the course of the exercise. The firmer is the pelvic floor, the easier it will be for the user to use them.

While some say Kegel Balls and Kegel Weights can help with health conditions and pelvic floor strengthening, others believe that two simple balls cannot work nearly as good as Probe Dildo shaped type of device that provides electrical stimulation, where magnetic waves are used to relax and stimulate the muscles. The simplicity of the design and structure of the balls and weights – which in fact are very similar in functionality, is primitive and will likely not provide the same benefit as a device that is high tech and uses special vibration (needs clearing up and making it bolded and maybe point form). They will likely improve your pelvic floor muscles strength over time, if used properly, although you will need patience as it is a rather passive way of strengthening the muscles hence takes longer.

In addition, the problem with using such devices is the same as with doing Kegel exercises improperly, which can very likely happen if you don’t really know what you are doing. You can actually make your pelvic floor muscles too tight and overdo it. Reason why this happens is because the muscle need both: contraction and relaxation, and Kegel Balls, Weights and Kegel Exercises, or devices that use springs as a resistance on their own only provide contraction. Proper relaxation can only be achieved with magnetic or sonic waves, which is the basis of a Pearl Kegel device.

Kegel Pearl provides the most gentle safest kind of stimulation possible and works by first relaxing the muscles and then stimulating them. Unlike the Balls and Weights, Kegel device was specially designed with the health benefits in mind first, for medical purposes and not as a sex toy. Sexual benefits are just a very positive side-effect.